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Skalli [MonMusu OC] by Blockio1999 Skalli [MonMusu OC] :iconblockio1999:Blockio1999 0 0 Sweet Purples the birb [DTA] by Blockio1999 Sweet Purples the birb [DTA] :iconblockio1999:Blockio1999 7 0 Easter-Egghead [Rexbirb Easter Event] by Blockio1999 Easter-Egghead [Rexbirb Easter Event] :iconblockio1999:Blockio1999 4 0 Chibirb Thanatos [Event] by Blockio1999 Chibirb Thanatos [Event] :iconblockio1999:Blockio1999 4 0 Angry Birbs [Contest] by Blockio1999 Angry Birbs [Contest] :iconblockio1999:Blockio1999 4 9 Birb Group Shot [WIP] (Thanta Claus) by Blockio1999 Birb Group Shot [WIP] (Thanta Claus) :iconblockio1999:Blockio1999 8 24 Thanta Claus Teaser: Plane Icons by Blockio1999 Thanta Claus Teaser: Plane Icons :iconblockio1999:Blockio1999 3 0 StuKa reindeers (Thanta Claus 4) by Blockio1999 StuKa reindeers (Thanta Claus 4) :iconblockio1999:Blockio1999 6 9 Para-cute Regiment (Thanta Claus 3) by Blockio1999 Para-cute Regiment (Thanta Claus 3) :iconblockio1999:Blockio1999 10 4 Presents away! (Thanta Claus 2) by Blockio1999 Presents away! (Thanta Claus 2) :iconblockio1999:Blockio1999 9 8 Thanta Claus (Rexbirb Christmas Event entry) by Blockio1999 Thanta Claus (Rexbirb Christmas Event entry) :iconblockio1999:Blockio1999 5 3 Pixelart Doubleblade Sword by Blockio1999 Pixelart Doubleblade Sword :iconblockio1999:Blockio1999 0 0 Pixelart Onehander Sword by Blockio1999 Pixelart Onehander Sword :iconblockio1999:Blockio1999 0 0 Pixelart Mastersword by Blockio1999 Pixelart Mastersword :iconblockio1999:Blockio1999 1 0 Gunship Fusion T1 by Blockio1999 Gunship Fusion T1 :iconblockio1999:Blockio1999 1 0 Pixelart Fierce Deity Doublehelix Sword by Blockio1999 Pixelart Fierce Deity Doublehelix Sword :iconblockio1999:Blockio1999 0 3


Bitte warn mich nächstes mal bevor du sowas postest... zu viel Nostalgie auf einmal, um es unvorbereitet zu sehen (ich musste mich erst...

Welp, looks like we've got a Death Star on tracks. First things first: the resolution and he amount of detail are absolutely ridiculous...


Team Destruction by Seoxys6 Team Destruction :iconseoxys6:Seoxys6 288 12 Blue dress by Pamela-Gardea Blue dress :iconpamela-gardea:Pamela-Gardea 14 0 Subdue by RonnySkoth Subdue :iconronnyskoth:RonnySkoth 28 8 Operation Millennium by RonnySkoth Operation Millennium :iconronnyskoth:RonnySkoth 22 7 IMSFG - Heartbreaker by Blackrhinoranger IMSFG - Heartbreaker :iconblackrhinoranger:Blackrhinoranger 12 2 IFM2 - Air by Blackrhinoranger IFM2 - Air :iconblackrhinoranger:Blackrhinoranger 6 0 IFM2 - Dark by Blackrhinoranger IFM2 - Dark :iconblackrhinoranger:Blackrhinoranger 7 1 IFM2 - Earth by Blackrhinoranger IFM2 - Earth :iconblackrhinoranger:Blackrhinoranger 6 0 IFM2 - Fire by Blackrhinoranger IFM2 - Fire :iconblackrhinoranger:Blackrhinoranger 6 0 IFM2 - Life by Blackrhinoranger IFM2 - Life :iconblackrhinoranger:Blackrhinoranger 6 0 IFM2 - Light by Blackrhinoranger IFM2 - Light :iconblackrhinoranger:Blackrhinoranger 7 0 IFM2 - Magic by Blackrhinoranger IFM2 - Magic :iconblackrhinoranger:Blackrhinoranger 6 0 IFM2 - Tech by Blackrhinoranger IFM2 - Tech :iconblackrhinoranger:Blackrhinoranger 7 0 IFM2 - Undead by Blackrhinoranger IFM2 - Undead :iconblackrhinoranger:Blackrhinoranger 9 0 IFM2 - Water by Blackrhinoranger IFM2 - Water :iconblackrhinoranger:Blackrhinoranger 8 0 Ninja Gaijin Goombah Maskless! by GaijinGoombah Ninja Gaijin Goombah Maskless! :icongaijingoombah:GaijinGoombah 69 5



Skalli [MonMusu OC]
My first attempt at an Monster Musume OC - a Fenrir called Skalli

Personality [WIP]:
-a bit hyperactive
-very proud of her status as a warrior
-spends at least four hours a day training

She went to Japan as part of the interspecies exchange program, but before she found a host family, she got into a fight with a group of guys that were drunk out of their minds - the result were five broken ribs, one chin, two noses and two dislocated shoulders. This would normally lead to her being sent back to her home, but since she wasnt the one who started the fight, she instead got sent to an monastery for monster girls who have unwillingly/out of self-defense hurt humans

And yes, the weapons she carries are in fact sharp
Sweet Purples the birb [DTA]
Finally Im back to drawing birbs!

So yeah... I looked at this bab, realised that it was purple and had scales and was like "Wait, I can make something fun out of that!"
And so I drew it in the first level of Spyro the Dragon
Thats it. Ive got nothing more.

Rexbirbs © :iconseoxys6::iconbernk4stel:
This is a CLOSED specie, you are not allowed to make your own
Wasnt tagged, but the questions that IcelectricSpyro got were too good not to

1: Anything your dislike or hate about your art style?
- I suck at shading

2: If your could live in a fantasy world your choosing, would you?
- Yes. Skylands, here I come

3: Favorite TV show?
- Probably Neon Genesis Evangelion

4: A game you hated with a passion as a kid?
- Some board games that I dont remember the name of

5: Favorite anime character(s)?
- Rei Ayanami from NGE and pretty much the entire MonMusu cast

6: How often do you draw?
- Depends on how much stuff is going on in school... if I have time, pretty much daily

7: what would you consider is your level in animation work?
- never done it, complete beginner I guess?

8: a part of anatomy you hate drawing?
- ears and feet

9: How often have you been mis-gendered?
- I dont remember if I ever was

10: how many characters/ OC's are Queer?
- of those who have enough backstory and personality yet, none. Although if "queer" in the original meaning of "different/strange", probably all of them

11: how often do you torment your oc's? (I just thought I'd ask...Asuka Evil Smirk icon  )
- Given that most of my OCs are warriors, almost on a regular basis... there isnt a single one who ha not recieved some really nasty wound in battle (theyre fine, okay? Self-healing capabilities level plot armor)

12: How many allergies do you have?
- Stone fruits (except cherries), nickel and stupid people

13: Have you ever cosplayed?, and if so who?
- I do work on a Fierce Deity cosplay from The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask
I was tagged by: IcelectricSpyro (ish)

Rule: Spell out your user name and name a song beginning with the letter then tag as many people as there is letters

Bay of Pigs - The Civil War
Last of the Wilds - Nightwish
Outlaw - Manowar
Cry of the Brave - Dragonforce
Keeper of the seven keys - Helloween
I will not bow - Breaking Benjamin
One more Time - Hammerfall
1 6 4 8 - Sabaton
99 Luftballons - Nena
9 nope
9 nope



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Im just another nerd who likes drawing. Ill post fanarts and pictures of custom characters from time to time. There might be 4 a day, there might be 2 a year.
Tagged by: SeaSaltShrimp ("If you're listening to music rn you're tagged")

-Rules: tag 8+ people you'd like to get to know better using this meme

    ● Name: --
    ● Star sign: Taurus
    ● Average hours of sleep: 7ish
    ● Last thing googled: PaK 44 L/55
    ● Favorite fictional characters (that aren't mine): Spyro, Link, Rei Ayanami, Basically all protagonists from Sword of Truth
    ● Your current clothing: gray shorts, blue shirt, for the first time in months gem collar
    ● When did you start this account:
    ● Number of watchers: 9
    ● What do you post: Handdrawn stuff, mostly fanart, occasionally dragon OCs
    ● Do you get many comments: only if I draw fanart of characters owned by many different people and tag them in the picture
    ● Why did you choose this username: It was my first name in a videogame, it kinda stuck with me

I tag: Whoever reads this


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