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Bitte warn mich nächstes mal bevor du sowas postest... zu viel Nostalgie auf einmal, um es unvorbereitet zu sehen (ich musste mich erst...

Welp, looks like we've got a Death Star on tracks. First things first: the resolution and he amount of detail are absolutely ridiculous...


Username tag
Tagged by Cynderheart mwah
Rule: Spell out your username and name a song beginning with the letter then tag as many people as there is letters
For me it's mostly instrumental music rather than songs because that's like 98% of my playlist :) but here goes
S - Singularity - Evgeny Emelyanov
E - Eyes Wide Open - Tony Anderson
A - Anemoi - Factor Eight
S - Spellborn - Sham Stalin
A - Alive - Phillip Lober
L - Land of Tomorrow - Audiomachine
T - The Golden age - Woodkid
S - Sky Sounds - Marcus Warner
H - Hear Me - Sons of Pythagoras
R - Reclaim - Ólafur Arnalds
I - I'll be Waiting - Eurielle
M - Marks - Hiroyuki Sawano
P - Peaks - Tom Day
I tag anyone with a username of 10 letters or more :) not counting symbols/numbers
feeling pret
:iconseasaltshrimp:SeaSaltShrimp 11 9
Super super late tagged
Made by Vaniaak
Was tagged by my nerd squad xRedwing and NorthAzure... months ago :) aren't I on top of things
1.Why did you join Shivali-Empire? Who was your first shivali?
I was actually roped in by my good friend Cynderheart, who casually linked it in the stryx discord sometime in early July/late August. I waited SOOOO anxiously for the group to open, and when it did, I got my best big boy for my birthday. :heart:

2.Lets talk about fabulous traits, which is your favourite e/m/t combo?
SHORT MANES!!! Shitd dudes I love them. I love the Lion tail and Lamb ears too. But there's so many cute ones to count in too ahhahahabfhNSKRGN
3.Colours, genes... do you have any favourite combination? which would be your dream shivali?
I'm totally in love with simple/soft designs that have a lot of personality! Shi with accesories, scars, etc really do it for me too. <3 Kuruk is my real dream, but some more of my fa
:iconaero-mancer:aero-mancer 1 3
Need interview advice!
SO YA GURL GOT AN INTERVIEW TOMORROW MORNING! I decided it's about time that I get a job because I really need something to support me financially, and commissions is not going to help keep me financially secure. So, so far I've applied to four different positions/places, and heard back from two! I heard back from Barnes and Noble and a new Juice/Smoothie bar that is opening up right next to my neighborhood! I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow morning for the Juice/Smoothie bar position.
I've only had about three interviews in the past 3 years, so I definitely need some advice. During my past three interviews, I never quite asked the right questions (or many questions at all, for that matter) and I've always been super nervous, which was evident. Though I did get hired from two of those past interviews, I want to better myself so that I can come across as a little more professional and qualified.
So I'm just wondering, does anyone have any advice on how to really "sell yourself"
:iconcynderheart:Cynderheart 1 15
Username Meme
I stole this from the Super Nerd Schuis c;
Lmao I go on break and I come back with a meme, boy oh boy
Rule: Spell out your user and name a song beginning with the letter then tag as many people as there is letters

C - Classy Girls - The Lumineers
Y - Youth - Daughters
N - North Dakota - Mako
D - Dead Man Walking - the Script
E - Easy Way - For the Foxes
R - Rivers and Roads - The Head and the Heart
H - Harbour Lights - A Silent Film
E - Eyes Half Closed - Crywolf
A - Amerika - Young the Giant
R - Rock and Roll - EDEN
T - Terminal - Echosmith
Tags: I would tag insanitystudz but ;) so tagging SeaSaltShrimp have fun with that long username now HAHAHAHAH
please someone tag me in a Facts meme or like recommend me one
:iconcynderheart:Cynderheart 4 4
Comic Recommendations?
Hey guys!
The past few years, I've really enjoyed reading webcomics. But I only really keep up with three lately, and they're all kind of slow-moving at the moment c': So I figured I might ask if any of you read any webcomics that you particularly enjoy and might want to suggest! I'm looking to start a new one
Here's the three that I read, to get a taste for what I like:
Cucumber Quest
Ava's Demon
Andre and Karl
*this one isn't really continuous. Think of it like comics you see in newspapers, where random, new events occur with each new page 
I also read Homestuck and really enjoyed that too
But yea, so if you guys have any webcomics that you really enjoy, throw me a suggestion!
PLEASE DO NOT SUGGEST SPYRO FANCOMICS I'm really not interested in those, sorry! c': Not really interested in any dragon-based comics in general. Also n
:iconcynderheart:Cynderheart 1 43
The Best Dog Ever
:iconscytheaandlanarkine:ScytheaAndLanarkine 1 1
Okie, Here We Go!
We were tagged by: :iconsaphlit:
(For the sake of you guys copying and pasting, we won't change the "I"s and "me"s to "we"s and "us"s. :) )
Just comment and I will...
1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your dA page for 20 seconds.
2. Tell you a color you remind me of.
3. Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, earth, etc.).
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer.
6. Tell you something I like about you or your art.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you what am I watching/listening to right now.
9. Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.
10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.
:iconscytheaandlanarkine:ScytheaAndLanarkine 1 14
So much for 'ancient' dragons.
Well, I'm not just familiar with Spyro. They're basically made in the 20ies, but that doesn't hurt me after all. I like the games. I mean: in my position of the country, the Celtic region to be specific, there WERE believed to be dragons. There were rumours, that if you meet a dragon and learn its language, then you'll become a never-lying person. I don't know if this is true, but it sounds very interesting. If this rumour was true and dragons existed in the world, then I could meet them (because I like dragons). I think you too as well, don't you? If you're a dragon fan, then I can see it... No doubts... I can sense it... I can see it...
NO, I DON'T. I'm not clairvoyant.
:iconfreshhellg:freshhellg 1 6
Formal Apology
So I've been meaning to write this but I've just been putting it off. I figured now is a good a time as ever so here we go.
I want to apologize to anyone that I've shut out or dropped off contact with suddenly. This has been bothering me for a couple of weeks now, and I feel like I need to say this is bear with me. I was in a bad space for a while and just didn't feel like functioning properly. I want to say I'm sorry to everyone, and to those who've I've shut out. It was wrong and I have no excuse. I just hope you can forgive me. I know that the friendship won't be the same, but I hope we can still talk of you want. You know who you are, the people I shut out. I apologize for my actions, and I hope you can accept it.
Don't worry about me know, I'm in a much better place and I'm much happier, so don't be concerned! <3
:iconstarsealer:starsealer 2 0
Quick life update! Please read
EDIT: the surgery is scheduled for Monday. For now I get to go home and will come back for the surgery and will hopefully be able to go home by Friday. I may have to open commissions because I'll probably be out of work for about 2 months, so they will definitely help since I don't know what my long term disability insurance will pay. Thank you to everyone who has wished me luck! <33
Okay so as I've said before I have heart issues. To make a long story short, I went I  today for a routine procedure. During the procedure the aorta they were trying to stretch ripped and I'm now going to go have one heart surgery in the next couple of days. I will try too keep you guys updated but I don't know what my condition will be in the coming days. So wish me luck!
:iconstarsealer:starsealer 1 17
About and F.A.Q.
Art Related
:bulletblue:What program do you use?
I usually use Paint Tool Sai, but every now and then I might use Gimp for text. I also have Corel Painter, but I haven’t played with it much.
:bulletblue:What tablet do you use?
I use a Wacom Intuos Medium!

How long do you take to draw something?
That really depends. Work gets in the way a lot, I work anywhere from 8 hours a day to 14 hours a day, so it’s really hard to tell! But If I really sit down and work on something I can have it finished fairly quickly.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Things that inspire me include music, other peoples art, movies, really anything if it strikes the right chord with me!
:bulletblue:How did you get so good at art?
Practice! Studies! Really if you put your mind to it you can learn anything. Pay close attention to how things fit together and how they are formed. It helps to put things int
:iconstarsealer:starsealer 3 19
So I've been thinking a lot about this lately and I thought I would make a journal about self-help/depression/anxiety. This is not nessecarily going to be a 'do this and you're cured!' thing. This is a 'this is what I've been doing for myself to help myself' thing. I'm going g to try to organize it but it may still end up being a mess since I'm writing this on my phone. Please remember, I'm not writing any of this for pity. I'm writing it so others people who are struggling can see that they have some kind of connection to the other world. So, here we go.
Depression. It's an ugly word for an even uglier mental disorder. It fucks with your life at every turn, and that's the hard truth of it. It's not like it's a monster lurking behind you, it's more of a shadow hanging on your mind, slowly feeding you terrible thoughts and ideas. It seems like every night I drove home from work I was spotting places that would be good for a deadly car wreck, or one that would hurt a great deal. I would
:iconstarsealer:starsealer 4 19
Feature meme
Hi everyone! To participate in this meme, comment on my journal! For the first ten, I will put your avatar in this journal as well as the three deviations from your gallery that I like most!
If you are featured in this journal, you have to submit a journal like this one and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot. The idea here is not to get a free feature, but to spread art around for everyone. If you are featured here but do not participate by posting a journal of your own, I'll remove you from the list.
1. Shinerai
Honestly I love how detailed your pieces are and how soft the shading and colors are. Your attention to detail is simply amazing.  

You have a nice style with very bright and happy colors! Yours would make a nice comic style.

I absolutely adore your painted style, and your attention to anatomy is stunning!
:iconstarsealer:starsealer 2 11
tagged by the loaf Cynderheart 
Name: Tara
Star sign: Aquarius
Average hours of sleep: uhhpreferably like 10 but i usually end up with 5 or 6 :)
Last thing googled: uhhhh some russian words in google translate ((:
Favorite fictional characters (that aren't mine): Fudge theres so many ;; anyone in the inheritance cycle, Rossamund, Europe, and Threnody, Lyra Belaqua, Iorek Byrnison, Ed and Al, San and Ashitaka, Chihiro and Kohaku, frick i could go on forever.
Your current clothing: t shirt with wolves and a dreamcatcher and grey pants. theyre pajamas lol
When did you start this account: 3 years ago been on da since 2009 tho
Number of watchers: 148 wow much watch
What do you post: Dragons and other critters.
Do you get many comments: nope ha
Why did you choose this username: cos it looked good and im a slut for nything space.
Tagging: whoever cos im lazy as heck tonight ;)
:iconstarsealer:starsealer 1 0
i'm a good kid i swear
[x] Gotten detention.
[ ] Gotten your phone taken away
[ ] Gotten in school suspension
[ ] Got sent to the principal's office.
[x] Chewed gum during class.
[ ] Gotten more than 8 tardies
[x] Didn't do homework over 3 times. 
[x] Turned at least 3 projects in late.
[ ] Missed school cause you felt like it.
[ ] talked too much and got kicked out of class
[x] Got your mom/dad etc. to get you out of school.
[x] Text people during class.
[ ] Passed notes.
[ ] Threw stuff across the room.
[x] Laughed at the teacher
[ ] Pulled down the fire alarm.
[ ] MySpace, Facebook, etc. on the computer at school. 
[x] Took pictures during school hours.
[ ] Called someone during school hours. 
[ ] Listened to an iPod/CD player/Mp3 during class. 
[ ] Threw something at the teacher.
[ ] Went outside the classroom without permission.
[ ] Broke the dress code.
[x] Failed a class (fucking algebra)
[ ] Ate food during class.
[ ] Gotten a call home
[ ] Couldn't go on a field trip cause you be
:iconprophecywings:prophecywings 7 2
when you see another hamilton warriors map
:iconprophecywings:prophecywings 4 4



Wasnt tagged, but the questions that IcelectricSpyro got were too good not to

1: Anything your dislike or hate about your art style?
- I suck at shading

2: If your could live in a fantasy world your choosing, would you?
- Yes. Skylands, here I come

3: Favorite TV show?
- Probably Neon Genesis Evangelion

4: A game you hated with a passion as a kid?
- Some board games that I dont remember the name of

5: Favorite anime character(s)?
- Rei Ayanami from NGE and pretty much the entire MonMusu cast

6: How often do you draw?
- Depends on how much stuff is going on in school... if I have time, pretty much daily

7: what would you consider is your level in animation work?
- never done it, complete beginner I guess?

8: a part of anatomy you hate drawing?
- ears and feet

9: How often have you been mis-gendered?
- I dont remember if I ever was

10: how many characters/ OC's are Queer?
- of those who have enough backstory and personality yet, none. Although if "queer" in the original meaning of "different/strange", probably all of them

11: how often do you torment your oc's? (I just thought I'd ask...Asuka Evil Smirk icon  )
- Given that most of my OCs are warriors, almost on a regular basis... there isnt a single one who ha not recieved some really nasty wound in battle (theyre fine, okay? Self-healing capabilities level plot armor)

12: How many allergies do you have?
- Stone fruits (except cherries), nickel and stupid people

13: Have you ever cosplayed?, and if so who?
- I do work on a Fierce Deity cosplay from The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask
I was tagged by: IcelectricSpyro (ish)

Rule: Spell out your user name and name a song beginning with the letter then tag as many people as there is letters

Bay of Pigs - The Civil War
Last of the Wilds - Nightwish
Outlaw - Manowar
Cry of the Brave - Dragonforce
Keeper of the seven keys - Helloween
I will not bow - Breaking Benjamin
One more Time - Hammerfall
1 6 4 8 - Sabaton
99 Luftballons - Nena
9 nope
9 nope



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Im just another nerd who likes drawing. Ill post fanarts and pictures of custom characters from time to time. There might be 4 a day, there might be 2 a year.
Tagged by: SeaSaltShrimp ("If you're listening to music rn you're tagged")

-Rules: tag 8+ people you'd like to get to know better using this meme

    ● Name: --
    ● Star sign: Taurus
    ● Average hours of sleep: 7ish
    ● Last thing googled: PaK 44 L/55
    ● Favorite fictional characters (that aren't mine): Spyro, Link, Rei Ayanami, Basically all protagonists from Sword of Truth
    ● Your current clothing: gray shorts, blue shirt, for the first time in months gem collar
    ● When did you start this account:
    ● Number of watchers: 9
    ● What do you post: Handdrawn stuff, mostly fanart, occasionally dragon OCs
    ● Do you get many comments: only if I draw fanart of characters owned by many different people and tag them in the picture
    ● Why did you choose this username: It was my first name in a videogame, it kinda stuck with me

I tag: Whoever reads this


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